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Our sponsors do not necessarily share our views or opinions about anything within the realm of paranormal research. They merely support our desire to explore the mysterious and unknown.

For that alone, we are eternally grateful.

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Company drivers, Lease drivers, Owner Operators, and qualified student drivers: Click the link below to speak with an NCI recruiter and be sure to give them truck #4967

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ParaAtlas is a nationwide collaborative project aimed at uniting teams, people and data for the purpose of driving the paranormal research field forward into new frontiers.

Our team's primary objective is to work with investigators, researchers, historians, and experts in all fields to provide a comprehensive profile on every location in the United States that has paranormal claims.  We seek to separate fact from fiction, and cast a new light on the myths and mysteries that surround our beloved land.  In doing this, we hope to build a strong community with the ability to collaborate, network, and grow.

We are first - and foremost - researchers and scientists.  We share a passion for learning, history, the paranormal, and most of all, the search for the truth.

True Paranormal - The Podcast

True Paranormal is the gathering place for any and all who have had experiences with things that simply cannot be explained, and who want to share their stories!

Every week we will be sharing stories sent to us by you.

We will explore such topics as ghosts, shadow people, psychic encounters, cryptids, time shifts, demons, and any other topics that present themselves.


Here you can find a safe place to share without judgement, and also possibly find some answers.

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