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Operational Regions in the US


Map is being updated

This map is being provided as a general reference but is accurate enough to be useful for everyone.


Teams located or having locations along the yellow and orange routes will obviously be the easiest to facilitate. Teams along the maroon and green routes may have to wait a short time longer as the trucking industry is a fickle mistress. Areas shaded in grey will require special arrangements as they are outside the normal operational zone.


The home team of Over The Road Paranormal is headquartered in Lehigh Acres, Florida. While they conduct investigations throughout the entire state, their focus is mostly within the southwestern regions consisting of Hendry, Lee, Charlotte, and Collier counties. Some of these investigations are scheduled to appear as part of the documentary series.

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Had an encounter with a UFO, Bigfoot or other unexplainable phenomenon? Use this form (for now) to tell us about it, we want to know more so we can work together to some find answers. 

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