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What is Over The Road Paranormal About?

Over The Road Paranormal is both a research team and a video production company with an emphasis on documenting scientific results and the hard work of dedicated investigators around the world.

Over The Road Paranormal was originally founded and created by Edward Janowski several years ago. In October of 2018, he decided to take it farther than he ever had before. The reason behind this is that, as a truck driver, Edward wasn't exactly the ideal candidate for joining an established investigation team. Not because he lacked skills, enthusiasm or knowledge, but because he didn't have the basic availability that even the most recreational of teams needed or wanted. So he did the next best thing and created his own niche by applying standards not previously exercised.

Over The Road Paranormal is meant to be an avenue of discovery in all areas of the paranormal with a focus on hauntings, UFO's/alien encounters, and unclassified creatures like the sasquatch. With team members and investigators of various experience levels, equipment, techniques, religious, cultural, historical and ethnic backgrounds. Over The Road Paranormal will be collecting, examining, documenting and presenting evidence not only to other paranormal researchers, but to the scientific community and the general public.

Edward's earliest investigations, books, notes, and data that had been collected during his early years has mostly been destroyed or lost completely. So in essence, this is a new beginning to an old dream. To investigate, collect and present evidence to anyone fascinated with the unknown or the mysterious.

The series, Over The Road Paranormal, is being filmed as a video documentary and not as an entertainment presentation. In order to independently validate previously collected data, provide an honest conclusion and hypothesis. The producers  will not use quick-cut editing, climatic soundtracks, dramatic acting, or other special effects. The opinions, views, and/or conclusions expressed are strictly those of the person or persons making them and may or may not be shared by you the viewer, members of Over The Road Paranormal, the host, members of the hosting team, property owners, sponsors, patrons, investors, or subscribers.

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